Best Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

Ever since various weight loss tips, regimens and diets emerged in the mainstream health industry, celebrities were always the ones to set the trend regarding what is hot and what is not. Even in the field of losing weight, they are also sought after for their tips and secrets.

One of the widely known actresses that have been topping the sexiness charts of many magazines is Megan Fox. Best known for her role in the hit movie Transformers and Jennifer's Body, this gorgeous woman loses weight by gulping a glass of apple cider vinegar daily. Fox claims that the vinegar she chugs down once a day helps suppress her appetite and speeds up her body's metabolism. Apple cider vinegar has also been known to cleanse and detoxify the body with little to no known side effects.

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Another actress who is fast becoming one of the hottest and sexiest stars in tinsel town is Scarlett Johansson. Despite her stardom, she is a private person who keeps her personal life separated from her work. Her weight loss secret is not depriving herself from cheeseburgers and sweets, one of her many food favorites. By incorporating her favorite foods into a healthy diet plan or balancing her nutritional intake so she can still eat, she can still keep her body fit and healthy. Although she has admitted to being lazy when it comes to exercising, she still makes sure that she has the time to do her 30-minute exercise routine.

Meanwhile, Adriana Lima, who recently gave birth to her daughter Valentina, recently lost the 35 pounds she gained from her pregnancy in just ten months. She initially claimed that her weight loss regimen was easy, but this time around she confessed that it was anything but. She religiously exercised for one to two hours daily through dancing Salsa, doing weight lifting, practicing Capoiera and doing Pilates. Her fitness trainer also visits her home twice or thrice a week to help with her exercising regimens. Adriana also restricted carbohydrates in her diet while avoiding caffeine-rich and processed foods to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Despite the different dietary plans these celebrities are under, they have one thing in common while pursuing the roads of weight loss. They are all determined and passionate to lose weight and achieving the picture perfect body. They have specific goals and they are committed to meeting these goals towards a fit and healthy body.

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