Did You Know Writing Helps Support Natural Weight Loss?

Food journaling is such a simple thing to do but has so much power in aiding with your quest for natural weight loss. It's true that it takes a commitment, but once you start, you'll be able to keep it up rather easily, especially as you see the results it will bring into your life.

In one study that included 1700 overweight women and men, it showed that those keeping a regular exercise and food journal, in addition to a diet low in fat and an exercise program that included 30 minutes of exercise per day, lost 18 pounds in a 20 week period, compared to a 9-pound loss among those who did no journaling.

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Why does food journaling help support natural weight loss?

Food journaling works because:

It will help with accountability It helps you identify where you may need to trim down calories because you have extras slipping into your diet where they shouldn't be. If you have to write it down, it may help you avoid that extra piece of pie! It provides a solid record of your weight loss path.

Understanding portions if one of the greatest lessons many achieve via journaling. One serving of any item per the label is often much less than we realize it is.

You'll need to track everything that you eat and drink in addition to the activities you're doing on a daily basis for optimal results. For greater accuracy, jot down what you ate right after you eat it. In Tim Ferris' new book 'The 4 Hour Body' he suggests you take a picture of your food with your cell phone before you eat the meal. Then look at it for a bit to see how much you are truly about to eat. I've done this, and as a result, I did remove food from my plate because there was so much there.

By keeping a food diary, you'll be able to track your allotted calories for any given day or week. Journaling is also a great natural weight loss motivator to prevent you from falling back into the poor habits that made you gain weight in the first place. I use this type of tool through my interactive website to see my clients' progress and to make adjustments when needed for their continued success.

If you do not track what you are doing it makes it very hard to measure your results. As Zig Ziglar once said, "If you don't have the formula, it doesn't matter what the goal is".

Also, always remember to have fun with what you are doing, because that keeps you motivated to lose weight, as well. I put stars next to the meals I really enjoy or what tasted really good just as a reminder that my journey to natural weight loss can be enjoyable and fun. It helps when you begin to look at things differently, and it brings about a faster result.

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