Rethinking Weight Loss - Guide to Success

This isn't an article about the latest diet plan or overpriced meals or vitamins. It's about you rethinking the whole weight loss story. Because what you've been led to believe hasn't got you the body you thought you signed up for so far - so something is not working, right?

Well maybe what isn't working is... and I mean this in the nicest possible way - you.

Because there are rules and guides you must follow to be successful. But they're not printed on the side of a special diet dinner or on the side of a supplement bottle. So here's my guide for you based on my successful weight loss clients.

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Small sustainable weight loss is better for your body and mental health than a huge weight loss at end of week one and nothing on week 2! Instead think 4ozs per day or 2 lbs a week and in six months you'll lose 50 lbs. It's easier to sustain 2 lbs per week out to 12 months and beyond, than mimic the person who lost 20 lbs in seven days but can't sustain the rate, and give up in disappointment. Don't get obsessed with the scales. Pay more attention to how you feel and how your clothes fit. When exercising expect redistribution of weight to take place, resulting in waist size changes without measurable weight loss happening. Everybody loses weight differently, and as long as you're feeling the results of steady improvement then it doesn't matter what the scale reads - and your weight naturally changes during the day anyway. Be smart and chart, and again look for steady improvement over weeks not day to day! Despite what you think the diet plan isn't that important. Now don't get me wrong - a diet of chocolate and ice cream isn't good either - but by and large most diet plans are fine for weight loss. But do find a healthy and nutritious one you like - keep it basic to low carbs and high protein. It's important you eat three meals a day and keep portion sizes so you feel satisfied but not full, and definitely not bloated. I'm also anti-snacking as it doesn't make sense to eat 3 meals a day and 3 snacks! Your meals, and appropriate portion size, are much more important than snacks. Eat fruit with your meal rather than as a snack later. This is a biggie. Do you have what it takes to make permanent lifestyle changes? Realize you're probably changing years of bad food habits and this will require commitment and determination - there is no magic wand in weight loss. A good indicator of likely success is your ability to focus on where you want to be rather than where you are. If you tend to look for excuses why you didn't stick to your diet plan, and blame others then you'll struggle with any weight loss program. To be blunt the issue is never with the plan it's with you. Temptation will happen. You have to assume sooner or later you'll have a bad day and your resolve will be tested to stick to your plan. I call this "keeping your word... to yourself." You made a promise to yourself to lose weight and breaking your promise to yourself is just like breaking a promise to your family and friends. It's another one of those bad things for your mental health and puts you on a spiral you really don't need. Stick to your plan and keep your word. So what happens if disaster strikes and you slip off the plan and binge for the night! Is it the end and you should just go back to the road of obesity and poor health? Well no - but also don't kid yourself either. Permanent lifestyle changes are well... permanent. And so if this is the second or third time you've "fallen off the wagon" then you're not really making lifestyle changes are you, you're "testing out the waters." You'll need to get realistic and get help figuring out what is really going on. Most of the time there's an emotional eating barrier needing to be overcome and this is where hypnotherapy can help.

Weight loss can be frustratingly difficult to implement, because at the end of the day it's not really about the diet it's about you and how badly you want to lose weight by making lifestyle changes. And that's not something a book or diet plan can do by itself - it needs active engagement and commitment and rethinking weight loss... by you.

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