Hypnotism Weight Loss Solutions - Can Hypnotism Help You Lose Weight?

So why try hypnotism to lose weight? Well, why not? If you've tried everything else and just aren't seeing the results or just aren't feeling disciplined enough to keep on track, then trying hypnotism as a weight loss solution may help. Really it comes down to your state of mind.

Maybe during childhood you were affectionately referred to as "The Big Kid" or you come from a family of overweight siblings. Your mind has been conditioned to believe that you're destined to look a certain way, so the actions you take reinforce what your mind believes. These beliefs are so engrained in your subconscious so no matter what path you take; you aren't able to reach your weight loss goals.

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Following a hypnotism weight loss program can aid in breaking those limiting beliefs. The mental strength you'll gain will not only help you lose weight, but will actually have you start visualizing yourself in that healthy image. If you can't see it, you can't be it.

What is hypnosis and how does it work?

Hypnosis occurs when your state of consciousness is changed and making this change can alter the way you think about food, change behaviors, alter perceptions, eliminate cravings, and boost self confidence. By reducing the desire and focus on food our appetites can be suppressed, reducing our daily food intake and directing focus towards healthier food choices.

Anyone researching hypnosis as weight loss alternative should be sure to consult with a qualified hypnotherapist. When speaking with the hypnotherapist, they should begin asking the right questions in order to learn what is triggering a person's weight gain. Is it poor food choices, overeating, snacking behaviors, frequent eating, depression, low self-esteem or another reason. Once they understand the underlying issues, the hypnotherapist will start to address those issues while the client is under hypnosis.

During a hypnosis session, one becomes highly attentive and focused, in addition to becoming more responsive to suggestions. The suggestive techniques can change destructive eating habits, alter emotional states, and help you to lose weight. Everybody is different so there is no set amount of sessions needed to see results, but when the hypnotherapist feels ready, they can teach you self-hypnosis.

What about self hypnosis for weight loss?

If you are new to self-hypnosis, you probably won't feel as if you are hypnotized, yet you'll feel completely relaxed. Self hypnotism weight loss techniques can be closely associated with meditation. As with meditation, self hypnosis works by calming the mind, controlling breathing, visualizing, and reciting positive affirmations. Below are the steps one would take when practicing self hypnosis.

Calm your mind

The first thing to do is find a quiet area of your home, free from distraction Position yourself comfortably, whether in a chair, on a couch, bed, etc. Close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out, through your nose only Your mind will wander, but don't worry about that, it's normal at first Concentrate on your breath, feel the breath on your upper lip and just focus solely on that Continue this process for at least 5 minutes at first In time you'll spend less time getting your mind focused and slowed down


As taught in the ever popular, "Law of Attraction" books; "If you can't visualize it, you can't be it". Just as athletes do, you have to see yourself already in the vision of what you desire.

See yourself in that new body, having new cloths, or a renewed self confidence You are presenting suggestions to the subconscious mind through visual images Attach an emotional feeling to the image You are now intensifying the effect of the message on the subconscious mind.

Why do I need to visualize and have an emotional attachment? It's simple, why would someone remember a day in third grade where they had a confrontation with a classmate? It's simple; they have an emotional attachment to that experience. They could tell you the weather that day, who was there, where they were, any detail imaginable because of that emotional attachment to the image. It's no different when trying to create a new image of you. The overall effect of this process reprograms the subconscious mind, which in turn, overrides the usual habits carried out in conscious, waking life.


Affirmations should be made before beginning the self hypnosis or meditation weight loss steps.

Write down your affirmations as if you're already living that desired life Examples: "I love the way I look", "I wake up everyday, full of energy, confident and ready for whatever the day brings", "I exercise 5 days a week and enjoy it" Write anything you desire to be, write it down and continue to add to this list This is an ever changing list As you reach goals you'll create new ones and add to the affirmations Create a vision board or boards

Vision boards contain any images that are representative of where you see yourself, what you wish to acquire, or anything you wish to represent you. You could have a picture of the body you crave to have, the house you see yourself in, that new car, cloths, loving relationship, etc. These are your visions boards so there are no wrong images, but for now let's just focus on your physical personal image board.

You've calmed your mind, visualized, and opened your eyes, now what?

Go back to your affirmations and read them out loud See yourself living already the way your affirmations state Revisit your vision board(s) and feel as if you already possess that body or healthy lifestyle you desire Combine a deep emotional feeling with the vision is to create new neural pathways within your subconscious Your end result can't be anything other than what you envision You will begin to do what's necessary to reach your goals

Even if you follow a hypnotism weight loss program, don't think that's all you'll need to finally lose that extra weight. When teamed with a healthy nutritional plan and exercise regimen hypnosis is most effective. Hypnosis can lessen your desire for food, but healthful eating choices and regular exercise must be part of your overall health program.

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