Menopausal Weight Loss Plan

menopause is a pretty confusing stage of life that woman have to navigate through. Besides the many emotional effects caused by menopause, dealing with the physical changes that the body experiences in most cases can be the greatest challenge a menopausal woman will face.

I won't waste a lot of time on the psychological and emotional challenges that woman endure while dealing with the effects of menopause. Their isn't any" How to deal with menopause guide". This hormonal change in life, has wide ranging effects that vary from person to person.

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Their is one common side effect of menopause, and that appears to be weight gain. I am not going to give you a one shoe fits all approach to weight loss. Hormonal effects vary, and so will the results of menopausal weight loss. I can give you the components needed to achieve weight reduction, and at the same time provide a diet solution that will help balance hormonal effects, such as hot flashes, mood fluctuations, and irritability.

Key components needed for menopausal weight loss:

1.) The program must offer a balanced approach to weight loss. Nutrition is the key to balancing the release of hormones and critical to a healthy lifestyle. You can't be lured by fad diet claims of rapid weight loss. This method of weight loss will only worsen the effects of menopause. Some successful diet plans on the market have a three stage weight loss regime. The stages are rapid, gradual, and maintenance. This is the best choice for menopausal woman. You can try the rapid stage, and gage the effects. If you experience negative side effects, simply move on to the gradual stage. "Note" the rapid stage must still provide a nutritional approach to weight reduction.

2.) A diet generating tool is important to maintain control over nutritional requirements. Just enter the foods you like, and the foods you know you need to full fill your nutritional requirements. With this information, the tool will generate a well balanced meal at the push of a button.

3.) Fiber should be the #1 focal point of any menopausal weight loss program. Fruits and vegetables, sprouted grain breads. Fiber is needed to achieve the feeling of fullness, and at the same time helps to balance the effects of sodium and water retention on the body.

4.) Protein is essential in any well balanced diet. Fish high in omega 3, lean selections of beef, pork, and chicken are good choices for proteins. Beans, lentils, and soy products are also good sources of protein.

5.) Avoid refined carbohydrates such as white rice, white pasta, white bread and starchy potato's. These items when digested, turn into blood sugars very quickly. The body finds this form of sugar, the easiest to store. The body will store these quick release carbohydrates in the form of fat reserves. I am not advocating eliminating treats, only treating quick releases carbs as essentially that, "treats". What makes a menopausal weight loss, or any weight loss program successful is it's flexibility. If your chosen program doesn't allow for flexibility, then I can almost 100% guarantee, that it will fail you!

6.) Balance also pertains to how you consume your nutritional requirements. Eating smaller amounts more frequently will not only make you feel full throughout the day, this grazing technique will stimulate your metabolism to run at a higher rate, accelerating the fat burn stage. You will ultimately achieve quicker results than limiting food intake to 3-4 meals a day. You want to avoid the highs and lows that diets place on calorie intake. This method of food intake will be a great benefit to menopausal woman. The gradual and consistent absorption of nutrients through out the day will help to neutralize any hormonal fluctuations the body is experiencing.

7.) The last component is exercise! Exercise will not only speed up weight loss, it will help to lesson the symptoms of menopausal related side effects. Intensity levels should be fluctuated to get the maximum performance out of your metabolism. The end result will be quicker weight loss.

Following the above mentioned guidelines, will help in your search for a program suited for menopausal weight loss.

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