Your Weight Loss Regimen May Need An Herbal Colon Cleanse

As the new year progresses and our resolutions are beginning to dwindle in effectiveness, some of you may have been struggling with losing weight. Maybe you are no longer feeling the motivation, or maybe even worse. What you have been diligently trying just isn't working. I understand the feeling, but spring is approaching quickly. The new season will bring bright sunshine and less bulky clothes.

If you haven't met your weight loss goals, feelings of discontentment may arise when you look less than perfect in your new spring attire. Let's face it...bathing suit weather is approaching very fast. Today is the day to regain control of your body.

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If your weight loss plan has not been working, maybe there is something that can help jump start your weight loss. I am here to motivate you with a few herbs that might be just what you should incorporate into your daily routine.

These herbal supplements can help with your weight management by reducing the absorption of dietary fats and assisting their elimination through the digestive system. Take a look at the blend of four of the following beneficial herbs:

Guar gum- This herb contains approximately 86% water-soluble mucilage, which is a kind of dietary fiber. Studies show that increasing your fiber intake can reduce hunger and body fat and enhances weight loss in overweight individuals.

Studies show that toxins in the colon can build up and cause weight issues. Fat tends to accumulate where there are toxins. You should complete a colon cleanse if you think you could have this problem. An herbal colon cleanse is always a good place to start when you start a weight loss regimen.

Psyllium hulls- Another source of dietary fiber, psyllium has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Psyllium reduces bowel transit time and promotes regular bowel movements. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of this component is that it binds to carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) and toxins in the colon and removes them through elimination. Toxins alone in the colon can hinder weight loss. Chickweed leaf extract- This herb breaks down fats and inhibits their absorption. It also contains weight loss facilitating dietary fiber and has been known to reduce cholesterol levels. Chickweed also is a mild diuretic which reduces fluid retention and assists with the elimination of toxins from the body. Lecithin- This component also breaks down fats. Studies show that the benefits include reduced LDL cholesterol levels and a reduction in food intake by those who take this supplement. It may also help prevent the formation of gallstones.

These supplements work together to grab the fat, hindering the absorption of fat in your body, and eliminates it through your digestive tract. They all work together to make your weight loss goals more attainable. Now, taking these products doesn't mean that you can eat as much fat as you want and still lose weight. However, incorporating them into your healthy routine of eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of rest, and healthy amounts of exercise could possibly help you reach your weight loss goals. Here are a few additional tips to help your weight loss program be successful:

Complete an herbal colon cleanse Never skip breakfast. Get You metabolism started every morning with healthy breakfast. Eat when you feel hungry. Don't starve yourself. Take time to eat. Do not do anything else while you eat. Eat slowly. Chew your food about 50 times. This aids digestion which improves your colon health.

Eliminate the following from your diet:

Enriched, processed flour Hydrogenated oils Refined sugar Artificial Sweeteners Processed foods

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