Can We Eat More And Achieve More Weight Loss

How can it be possible to eat more, yet achieve weight loss? We have always been led to believe that in order to lose weight we need to reduce our calorie intake in order to encourage our body to burn up stored fat. Sometimes however this can have an adverse affect as it can send our body into famine and survival mode. This means that our body reacts to the food reduction by slowing down our metabolism in order to maintain the fat that is stored when our calorie intake diminishes. How is it possible that we can eat more and lose more weight?

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Many of us find that when we start eating more we seem to lose more weight. Naturally we cannot increase our intake of junk food and sugar. There are obviously certain foods which we can increase our intake of and certain ones which we cannot. Ideally we should opt for eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fat. Our next consideration is how much increased consumption is adequate and how much is excessive?

Most nutritionists, as a guide advise a calculation of our current weight multiplied by 10. This will give us the number of calories that we need to maintain our current weight. This means that if our weight is 150 pounds, we need to consume 1500 calories to maintain this weight. If our goal weight is 120 pounds, then we need to consume 1200 calories to maintain this weight. If we aim to achieve our goal of 120 pounds from 150 pounds, then we need to maintain a calorie intake of 1200 for a consistent weight loss. Our weight loss may be 1-2 pounds per week, but we will eventually meet our goal using this calorie calculation.

Sometimes however different issues may affect our weight loss even if we are following all the guidelines. Things like our levels of physical ability and exercise regime, our metabolism and diet quality can affect our weight loss rate. Some issues such as genetics and even some medications as well as our water intake can have varying effects on our weight loss too. Many of us simply lose weight at a much slower rate than others, which although frustrating is often inevitable.

We can all define the fact that we can eat more and lose weight differently. The suggestions above are just a starting point, but if our weight loss results are poor or slow, then we should try adjust our calorie intake until we achieve a healthy weight loss rate.

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