How to Lose Body Fat and Get Lasting Weight Loss Results in 2 Steps

If you have lost weight successfully for the first couple weeks after you joined a new diet program or gym, only to stop losing weight and plateau later, you are not alone. When people begin any sort of diet program they usually are able to lose a few pounds right away, because most diet programs are created to offer you "quick fat loss" before they stop working. Sadly enough, this 'instant weight loss' is more often than not 'temporary' weight loss. The reason for this is because companies and diet programs understand that if you lose weight (fat loss) and then see no further results, you will blame yourself, and continue to buy the latest and greatest fat burners, exercise equipment, and other useless products. In other words, they don't want you to succeed! If you had success, maintained your weight-loss, and/or gain muscle these businesses would go belly up awfully fast.

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If you put in any effort, it will seem as though the "magic pill" is working because you will find that you are suddenly losing weight fairly quickly for the first couple of weeks. However, after these first few weeks of dieting, exercise, and weight loss you will soon find that the scale is not going down anymore. In fact, it may even stop altogether or begin to go back up. This problem is all too common, and is known as a weight loss plateau. When this happens, the only solution is to make a complete change of your lifestyle habits if you want to see any more progress and keep from regressing back to your previous weight.

Did you find yourself continually doing the same sets of exercises and eating the same bland foods for all your meals during those first couple of weeks when you were losing weight? It is because of this that your body got used to your diet and exercise routine. When this happens, your weight-loss program/pills WILL FAIL to bring you any real lasting results!

If you want to stand any chance of getting out of this viscous cycle, and see positive life changing results, you must make some changes to your diet and exercise regimen.

Here are two habits you need to stop right now if you want to lose weight. Each bad habit will be followed by one key point you need to follow if you want to get better results from your weight loss plans, and break free of your plateau.

1. Calorie-counting is not the way to go. When you count your calories, you are limiting your intake of calories to an abnormally low level. Eating low calorie foods means your body has no reason to increase your metabolic rate since it will only need to burn a few calories. The end result is that your metabolic rate will stay at a low level. With a low level metabolic rate you aren't able to burn fat! (Period)

In order to burn fat and lose weight successfully, you must forget about calorie counting. Instead, eat enough so that your body is forced to keep your metabolic rate at a high level. Your body needs fuel to burn fat, and it can only get that fuel from foods! Just remember to be sensible about what you eat and drink.

2. Exercise more: If you don't do any exercises, or do only light exercises, you will not lose much weight, if any at all.

Weight loss is only occurs if you work out on a regular basis and eat the proper foods. Exercises are yet another powerful way of increasing your metabolic rate.

Follow these two methods and you will be rewarded with the body you desire!

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