10 Tips to Help You Find a Legitimate Weight Loss Book

Since the birth of the fact that excess weight can lead to some undesirable health problems, we have been bombarded with illegitimate information about fat loss books that can help one lose weight or achieve a certain health result.

A lot of the so-called nutrition experts have come up with so many weight loss information - books - to the extent of making it difficult to find the most well researched books among others.

Getting the right or legitimate fat loss book is very vital to your quest for a successful weight control. This article is designed specifically to help you find the right and most reliable weight loss book.

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The tips below will help you find a good fat loss book. Before you decide to buy the book:

1. Make sure the program in the book incorporates a balanced diet, exercise program, and behavior modification

2. Beware of inflexible plans, such as those that require you to eat certain foods on certain days

3. Avoid plans that allow fewer than 1200 calories a day, the minimum needed to get essential nutrients

4. Make sure the recommended rate of weight loss doesn't exceed 2 lb per week

5. Steer clear of books that promote vitamins, pills, shots, gimmicks, gadgets, or brand-name diet foods

6. Read reviews to see if the book has got approval from a reputable nutrition expert, institution or journal

7. Check the authors' credentials. They should be trained in nutrition from an accredited university, or they should use reliable sources for their information

8. Make sure the book is based on up-to-date scientific research

9. Beware of diets that promise fast, easy, or effortless weight loss, or "a new secret formula"

10. Choose a plan that teaches how to keep your weight off once you have lost it.

Your chosen weight control book should serve the purpose of your intention. Do some little research on Google about the author(s) of the book to find out if he/she is an expert in the weight loss field. Read review of your chosen book to learn more from those who have used it before. Finally, ensure that the weight loss book is based on a top-notch scientific research.

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