Permanent Weight Loss - Is It a Pipe Dream?

Search the Internet for permanent weight loss and you'll find thousands of web sites promoting it. Yet so many peddle diets that in practice give anything but permanent weight loss. The only way you'll accomplish permanent weight loss on a diet, is continue on that diet, or a scaled down adaptation of it, without end.

Permanent weight loss equals massive loss of recurring profits for diet companies and slimming products manufacturers. Do they want that? Of course not! So when they suggest permanent weight loss, they're merely saying what you want to hear... for the sake of their profits.

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Exercise is much better. It's healthier. Keep exercising and you should retain your weight loss. But when you finish exercising you can regain those lost pounds. And that isn't permanent weight loss. It's temporary.

Progressive resistance exercise like weight training, is a different ball game. Muscle burns calories for energy 24/7/365, with no time off for Christmas. Huge, well-built strength athletes have to eat many more thousands of calories a day than the average person, just to retain their weight. Because their muscles burn so many calories all the time.

So on a muscle building program, your fat problems could melt away.

Many used to accept as true that when you finish exercising after building muscles, they turn to fat. But that's impossible. Muscle is active tissue. Fat is inactive. And ne'er the twain shall meet.

What can come about is that you carry on eating as much as when you were heaving weights around several times a week. Calories are burned during exercise as well as those used to retain muscles. So continuing to eat the same quantity can add fat on top of the muscle. Fat that gets thicker if you keep on swallowing more calories than you're burning.

If you decrease food consumption to that required to sustain your weight without exercise, there's no reason why you should get fat. So you may then realize permanent weight loss.

You may intend to keep exercising forever. That's great! Power to your elbow.

But accidents take place. Break a bone, sprain a ligament. That can slam the brakes on your exercise for months... enough time to break your exercising habit. Enforced idleness for months can regain lost weight. So many things may come to pass that can thwart you ever achieving permanent weight loss.

So what other course of action is open to you?

Well you could go back 100 years and ask the genius Albert Einstein. That's the time elapsed since he proved we are all really creatures of energy. Just as everything else is energy. No one with any real sense can deny Einstein was right. Today we have nuclear energy derived from Einstein's discovery.

Yes we appear solid. That's due to the frequencies of energy vibrations. A lot to get your head around, yes. But if you take anything solid, liquid or gaseous, and break it down, you get molecules. Molecules break down to atoms. Atoms to electrons, neutrons, protons and quarks. Plus lots of space and energy, that makes atoms resemble and orbit around, like sub-microscopic solar systems.

But when you break down the electrons etc., you're left with pure energy or vibration. You might find it helps to think of it as electricity.

Since everything comes from energy, every substance in our bodies has an energy frequency, or rate of vibration, that makes it solid or liquid. In which case, there is in Universal Mind, an energy recipe for everyone. Since you, like everyone else, are biologically unique, there has to be a distinct recipe of energy frequencies for each of us.

What makes humans different to the animals is that we can adjust our distinct recipes through the power of thought. Clues exist in the Holy Bible: "As a man thinketh, so is he."

Thought is energy. By altering your thought patterns, you modify your recipe. Whole books have been written on this topic, so obviously we can't go into detail in one article. But of this you can be sure: your thoughts are the true answer to permanent weight loss.

Since you're a unique individual, what works fine for others might not be best for you. That's why on my blog, different methods are discussed, one of which may be your solution to permanent weight loss.

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