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Have you tried programs like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, or Jenny Craig only to have little success losing and keeping off the extra pounds you'd like to shed? If so, you may be interested to know that dieting alone for weight loss never works for very long.

Conventional diets achieve fat loss at the expense of losing muscle, which slows down your metabolism. In addition, most people, after they've lost their targeted weight, return to the same bad dietary habits that caused their weight gain in the first place. Gradually, over time, they end up putting back on the pounds they shed. It's a sad vicious circle they get caught up in.

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It's important to understand this when searching for a weight loss program that works. There are, in addition to lack of exercise, psychological issues connected with our food intake that subtly work against us resulting in our gaining back any weight we may have lost using some sort of diet or weight loss product. And this has to do with the foods we choose to eat. You see, the foods that many of us eat are usually chosen on account of three different criteria: cost, taste, and psychological gratification.

Add to this all the sleazy corporate advertising hyping food taste over nutrition, and it's no wonder that such a high percentage of Americans are overweight and undernourished. We allow ourselves to be tempted by food dishes that definitely don't have our best nutritional interest in mind. Comfort foods like creamy macaroni and cheese, and delectable looking bacon and cheese hamburgers smothered in a secret sauce plaster our television advertising every day. We see these advertisements constantly and can develop a craving for these "delicacies."

Well, if you are ready to stop the insanity and begin basing your weight loss goals on something that works, you have to realize that cost, taste, and psychological gratification are being subtly used to manipulate your thinking when making your food choices. If you are really serious about losing those extra pounds, you have to realize that eating real foods (foods that are grown in and come from the earth) and not just man-made foods (otherwise known as processed foods) is what you have to return to if you want to see and realize any real and sustainable weight loss results.

One weight loss program that emphasizes this education in the right kind of foods you should be eating is Vic Magary's 31 Day Fat Loss Cure. The nutrition plan in his program is based on eating what he calls "the caveman's diet." In other words, if a caveman wouldn't have had a food item available to eat, then you shouldn't eat it. Acceptable foods on the list are meat, fish, poultry, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and so forth. Whole grain breads, breakfast cereals, bakery goods (e.g. crackers, cookies, pastries), and grains, for instance, are frowned upon.

Combined with this nutritional change to people's diets is a program of short duration, highly intense exercises that help to burn the excess fat from the body. Studies have shown and experience has proven that for exercise to be effective in burning the kind of calories needed to reduce belly fat, the exercise needs to be highly focused and intense. This means that the actual time spent in exercising can be cut nearly in half. A half hour of intense exercise can help you burn more targeted calories than an hour of low intensity cardio exercise.

Vic learned this in his basic training days as an Army soldier. He took this knowledge with him on leaving the Army and became a personal trainer, helping people to become fit while also losing extra weight. In his videos he shows you what exercises to do to help lose belly fat more quickly.

The program he has designed is a balanced program, including developing good dietary habits as well as encouraging effective and regular exercise, for steady and continued weight loss and overall physical fitness. If you are seeking a weight loss program that works that is also a no-nonsense approach to weight loss and diet, then you owe it to yourself to look into the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure.

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