Weight Loss - Is It Important to Have a Weekly Plan in Comparison to Just Going Day by Day?

There are several people who begin a weight loss program and have the best intentions. They also put forth a great effort and for some reason don't get the results that they are striving to get for some reason. They have the willingness and the desire but that doesn't seem to be the problem. In most cases most of us just jump right with both feet and hit the ground running and before you know it their weight loss program crumbles and falls to pieces.

One of the most important things you need to do when making the decision about losing weight is to make that decision and stick with it. The second thing that is of great importance is to come up with a game plan. Now once you have a game plan you should set up a chart that you can hang on the refrigerator or in site were you will see it every day. What the chart should include is your present weights your target weight. Then you should have a place on the chart where you can record your daily weight so you can keep track of your progress. Next important thing you need to do is put together a measurement chart where you can measure your different areas of your body such a, your stomach, hips, thighs, chest and arms. I recommend that you track your weight on a daily basis and record it and keep track of your measurements on a weekly basis. Now the reason for that is you will see the change in your weight faster than you will see a change in your measurements.

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Another important thing is to set up a diet plan or a chart to keep track of your eating habits. The best thing to do is put together a weekly menu to follow and stick to this will make things a lot easier on you in the long run and you will be prepared and won't be forced to make any on the spot decision because when that happens it very easy to ignore your diet or weight loss plan and go out to eat because you have not prepared yourself for the unexpected.

The biggest reason it is important to have a daily weight loss plan as in comparison to going day by day is very simple and beneficial. First of all when you have a daily plan it acts as a guideline and can be followed step by step and also keep you on track as well. Another big issue is people sometimes can't figure out what they are going to eat that day and then stray away from their weight loss but if you have a daily menu you know exactly what you are going to eat and when. The next big issue is when you have your weight loss plan set up you know what to do when something un-expected comes up like you get invited out to eat, your plan will have already accounted for that and you will be ready. Now with all those things in place you are all set and can't lose you have just added what I like to call structure to your daily weight loss.

Now a lot of time and I have seen this happen often to a lot of people they start their weight loss and start to build momentum but they don't have a daily plan so they start to get lost and lose track of their goal they started out with. They will come home from work and not know what to eat and then they will go out to eat or perhaps order a pizza instead because they were not prepared. Another thing that will happen is they have no chart they are using to keep track of their weight loss and also their measurements and can't see the progress they have made and will give up. One more huge issue I see is after some of the issues I have mentioned start to happen they become confuse and then lost and come to the conclusion that what they are doing is too hard to do and they give up altogether.

Now you can see the importance of having a weekly weight loss plan as in comparison to just trying to figure it out as you go. Having this plan will help you stay organized and on track. Another thing you can also do is to keep a journal of your progress that will also help you to track your accomplishments as well.

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