Weight Loss - 7 Secrets To Permanent End Results

Many people all over the world are constantly trying to lose weight and failing...why is this?

You see, there is one simple reason why people fail in their quest to lose weight. The Answer? They don't have a Weight Loss Plan, a proven system that over the years has helped millions of people to lose weight permanently.

How do you create a weight loss plan?

Firstly, you need to know the 7 weight loss secrets to get great results and keep the weight off permanently. The 7 secrets to weight loss are:

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• Goal Setting
• Recording Your Progress
• Support Systems
• Psychological Land Mines
• Exercise
• Healthy Eating
• Water

Goal Setting and Recording Your Progress:
Your first step is to think about the end results of your weight loss before your even start doing anything. Close your eyes and visualise what it is you really want and get an image your new body, now imagine stepping into that new body. How good does it feel, how much energy and stamina do you have, how much has your confidence grown? Sound good?

Your next step is to start setting your long term goal (your end result). Create a simple spreadsheet and record your start weight and measurements. Then enter your long terms goals by the date you want to achieve your end result. It is vital to set and record short term weight loss goals to progress towards your end result, these will be like stepping stones to help guide you across to the other side. If you don't have a computer then a record your goals and progress with a pen and notepad.

Support Systems:
Ask a friend, family member or work colleague to be your training buddy who has similar weight loss goals to yours. This will help you to motivate each other to reach your goals. You can also set each other challenges that will help you with your weight loss. It is also useful to share your progress and any problems with your family and friends, they will encourage you to keep with it and ensure you stay motivated.

A good motivator, or exercise aid, is to invest in a few good dance tunes for your iPod this will ensure you're pumped up and ready for the challenge.

Psychological Land Mines:
Psychological Land Mines are those fears and negative thoughts, those self-conscious and insecure beliefs that we continue to hold about ourselves, that consciously and subconsciously controls and rules our attitudes and confidence levels with an iron fist. You need to approach your challenges "Head On" and overcome all your obstacles at all costs to prevent these psychological land mines blowing up your weight loss dreams.

For successful weight loss you need a workout routine with cardiovascular exercises, such as swimming, cycling, jogging or even a fitness DVD and incorporate abdominal exercises into your routine. Ideally you should workout 3 or 4 days per week for 30 minutes, taking rest days in between. Exercise is important to your weight loss plan and also prevents heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Healthy Eating:
You need to take some time to look at the food you have in your kitchen and bin any fattening and unhealthy foods and get in some healthy foods and snacks and make your kitchen as diet friendly as possible, your inner-body needs to be fit as well.

Water is essential to life and weight loss so ensure you drink plenty of it all day, on a daily basis. It will keep you hydrated will boost your metabolism and your energy. It also helps your heart to pump blood around your body much easier to get the oxygen to your cells. It also helps to lower stress, nourish your skin and build muscle tone.

So, to summarise, you now have the 7 secrets to permanent weight loss and can now create your own weight loss plan. Remember, set your goals, record your progress, get support systems, remove all psychological land mines, exercise, healthy eating and water = RESULTS. Do It Today...Do It Now!

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