Weight Loss By Dreaming

Weight loss for most people is rather elusive. Perhaps this is because we go about losing weight in the wrong way. We search for easy solutions to our weighty issues, always hoping to find a pill which you can take which will make excess calories miraculously dissolve and cause excess pounds to disappear forever.

And yet even though we seek these easy weight loss tips, diet pills and obesity solutions we do not really believe that they will work. Most overweight people have simply tried too many of these quick weight loss fixes and found that they just didn't provide them with long term effective solutions.

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Sometimes this is not because the supplement, diet or technique in itself did not work; rather they perhaps found that they just could not keep doing what they needed to do so as to lose weight in that way and subsequently keep it off. Weight loss programs can sometimes be very hard to follow.

And so when you hear of a diet program which proclaims "lose weight while you sleep" your immediate reaction tends to be on the skeptical side. It's just too good to be true. If it was that easy then everyone would lose weight every night, right? (Apart from insomniacs, of course.)

I have noticed several newspaper and magazine articles recently which claim that weight loss really can be that easy; and I also know that they are correct in their claims. There is a very good reason why you can effectively lose weight whilst you sleep. There are in fact a few different slants which can be placed on the same basic "lose weight whilst you sleep" weight loss plan.

The fact is that when you sleep you also dream. Everyone dreams, even if you think that you do not. Dreaming is a process which is basic and vital to our emotional health and well being. As we dream our subconscious mind is anything but asleep; it is working hard to resolve conflicts and to integrate new information with old. The wheels of our automatic behavior patterns are being oiled and powered as we dream and sleep the night away.

You know what it's like when you are concerned about something and you say to yourself "sleep on it" and in the morning it just doesn't seem that bad any more. Overnight you just seem to automatically find solutions to problems, without trying, simply be sleeping. This is what dreaming does for us.

Hypnosis replicates this dream state. Hypnosis allows us to intentionally step into this dream state and access its wonderful therapeutic powers. In this sense hypnosis is the most powerful facilitator of change that you could wish for, and it is natural, totally natural. If you want to lose weight, why not sleep on it and allow your subconscious mind to find its own solutions? You will find that you really can dream your way to easy and effective weight loss.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis weight loss downloads.

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