Weight Loss - Rapid Vs Slow and Steady

Weight loss - there's not one of us who enjoys it. When it comes to achieving our weight loss goals, most of us would love to able to achieve it quickly. In fact, it probably doesn't matter what kind of goals we have - we'd just like to get there fast. The sooner the better and that especially pertains to losing weight!

Just think how it would feel if you had a few more pounds to lose and you could just wake up in a couple of weeks and have that figure that you're striving for. Is that possible? It definitely is!

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Rapid weight loss occurs when you follow a crash diet, one of those diets where you drastically reduce your calorie intake so your body is forced to burn fat very quickly to compensate for the deficit. This is not the healthiest course to follow but if you need to lose weight quickly for a special event like a wedding, then it is a short term fix.

The problem with crash diets is that your body will eventually get used to the decrease in calorie consumption and will burn less and less fat as time goes on. In fact, you'll actually reach a point where your process of losing weight plateaus and you stop losing all fat.

Limiting your calories when you're on these types of diets means that you're also limiting the essential nutrients that you take in. This is detrimental to your health and something that you don't want to expose your body to for any length of time. And to top it off, once you start to eat normally again, you'll start to gain weight back so everything that you lost will just be temporary.

Steady weight loss, on the other hand, in not as exciting or instantly satisfying like rapid loss, in fact it can be a little bit frustrating sometimes. It can be disappointing to step on the scale and see that you've lost just a pound or two after a long week of dieting and exercising.

Slow and steady loss involves slowly cutting back on your food, a little bit at a time, just enough to create a small calorie deficit while combining the proper exercise routine. What's so good about his method is the fact that you're not doing anything drastically so your body doesn't need to react to the calorie deficit the same way that it does with the shock of a crash diet.

Since you're cutting back on your food in a slow manner, chances are that you're going to get used to the amount of food very easily and you'll be less likely to revert back to your old eating habits. You'll also be eating a significantly greater amount of food than you would on that crash diet, resulting in your body receiving the right amount of essential nutrients.

So which diet is better when it comes to weight loss? Rapid or slow and steady? It all really depends on your goals and your intentions. If you want to lose weight rapidly just for a specific event then go ahead and give the crash diet a whirl. When you're ready to make losing weight a serious and lifetime way of life then take it slow and steady.

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