Weight Loss And Dieting - 3 Myths That Are Keeping You Fat

Weight loss and dieting have become confusing topics due to the mounds of misinformation that circulates around the Internet every day. I know since you are reading this article you are tired of all of the empty promises and you are ready to throw out the myths and get the real solution to weight loss through smart dieting.

Weight Loss And Dieting Myths That Are Preventing Weight Loss:

Myth #1 All "Healthy" Carbs Help You Lose Weight. Carbohydrates are confusing foods when it comes to weight loss. We hear that eating "healthy" carbs like whole wheat bread, orange juice, low-fat salad dressings, and even many cereals will promote fat loss. But, many of these foods labeled as "healthy" in reality convert to sugar within your body super fast. This causes a tidal wave of insulin to be spilled into your digestive system to push this sugar into fat storage.

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The truth is that your body does need good healthy carbs to function properly but you can be smarter in your choice of carbs when you have weight to lose. A few better choices would be breads made with sprouted grains, rice or spelt. You could also fill your belly with sweet potatoes and many varieties of fruits and vegetables for long sustained weight loss without hunger.

Myth #2 If you eat fat you get fat. If carbs are confusing in weight loss and dieting then the same can be said of fats. Yes it is true that if you eat the wrong kind of fat your body will store more fat so you want to avoid fats such as hydrogenated oils, canola oil, margarine or other butter substitutes.

The truth on fats, however, is that the right fats actually promote fat burning in your body. By eating hardy and satisfying fats such as real butter, whole eggs, olive and coconut oils, avocado and raw nuts you keep hunger away and encourage fat burning.

Myth #3 You must count calories. This is a tricky one because you cannot simply sail blind while dieting to lose weight, but you certainly do not need to count every calorie. Think about this, if you are meticulously counting every calorie you are keeping your laser focus on the one thing you would like to think less about - food. When you are focused on food you want to eat more.

The truth on calorie counting is that you must be sensible and learn to recognize when your body feels good and satisfied and when you do your body will easily balance and you will lose stored fat.

What can you expect from dismissing these myths and following realistic weight loss and dieting strategies? When you eat the right foods you can lose between 3 to 10 pounds in the first week and expect continued fat burning after that.

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