Weight Loss Diets Driving You Insane?

Have you ever gone on a weight loss diet? High Carb, Low Carb, Mediterranean, South Beach, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, the Cookie diet?! Have you ever done a cleanse? Have you used a "super pill" or magic cream that promised to eliminate your fat overnight? Have you lost weight on any of these methods only to gain it all back? Well, you're not alone. If you're sick and tired of all the empty promises and the outrageous hype from weight loss diets and cleanses, then here are a few helpful tips that you can follow to really achieve weight loss.

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#1 - Exercise, exercise, exercise

You've probably found every excuse in the book not to exercise. From not having the time, you hate being sweaty, you woke up too early today... where I live in Beaufort, SC I heard excuses like it's too hot to work out (indoors?) and my personal favorite - I hit a deer (so I can't possibly make that 5 minute walk)... OK, I ad libbed a bit there. But come on! Even if you walk a brisk mile or two a few times a week, it's a start. Weight loss is generally as simple as burning more calories than you eat... burning more energy than you eat... or moving more than you eat. So get off the couch and move.

#2 - There is NO real short cut

Think about it. You didn't eat dinner one night, fall asleep, then wake up the next morning 30 pounds overweight, did you? So why would you think that you could take a pill, go back to sleep and wake up with a killer body? Research shows that the average person gains 1 to 3 pounds each year. So this issue would have been going on for years! So a gradual weight loss diet is the only way to keep the extra weight off. And monitoring what you eat is key. Which brings me to the 3rd point.

#3 - Cut the crap

Yes, you read that right. Eating a bacon, egg and cheese at fast food joints for breakfast, a burrito at your favorite Mexican place for lunch and then the cheese fries for dinner, all the while snacking on jelly beans, cupcakes and sodas, is enough bad food more than 2 people (possibly 3) for an entire day. I'm not saying to starve yourself on a weight loss diet. All I'm saying is eat in moderation and eat less junk. Try snacking on fruit instead for starters.

Side note: Reducing the size of your portions is also a good idea. Find out what the daily recommended values are for what you're putting into your body on any weight loss diet.

You can achieve weight loss through proper diet and exercise. It really is as simple as that. So many people have been in your shoes and didn't feel good about themselves on all those weight loss diets until they did something about it. They made that decision and transformed their entire lives. Now they are confident and their families are happy.


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