Weight Loss Diet Plans - In Search of the Great Elixir for All of Our Weight Loss Problems

There are more ways to lose weight than there are bathroom scales in the world. But there is only one way to keep the weight off for good and I am determined to spread it to the world. I lived life in the dieting fast lane for fifty years.

I have been on just about every diet that has come out in the past fifty years. I've tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, The Scarsdale Diet, Atkins Diet, Slim-fast, Nutrisystem, Medifast, Dr. Oz, South Beach, and all of the other you-name-it weight loss diet plans. I don't recall not being on a diet.  I diligently huffed and puffed my way to excellent fitness, getting my weight down only to gain it back. Weight loss companies LOVE me!

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I have tried a fasting clinic in New Jersey, the spa at La Costa in California, a juice-only clinic south of London, and Clinique Valmont in Montreau, Switzerland, which I frequented for ten years. None of these weight loss diet plans gave me lasting results. Oh, I lost lots of weight, but gained it right back - sometimes getting very sick. My thyroid went out of whack after the fasting clinic in New Jersey.

Guys! Listen up! Always check with your doctor before going on any diet, cleanse, or fast.

The only weight loss diet plans that have come close to working right are those that advocate organic nutrition like the Paleo Diet, Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution, any of Marylu Henner's books, and a cookbook by Mark Hyman from Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson. But even these books are too restrictive for me.

So What Are the Best Weight Loss Diet Plans Out There?

Here's the deal! No more pop tarts! But wait! There's more!

• Go to your pantry! Throw out all of the "white menace." Toss out all white rice, all sugar, white flour pasta, iodized salt (sea salt in moderation is okay), white flour, white potatoes, and anything else that's white.

• Processed food equals poison. READ THE LABELS! Anything with "ose" at the end of the word like high fructose corn syrup or anything that is genetically modified, has food coloring, aspartame, or other chemicals should be tossed out. Processed foods are making you very sick!

"I'm not sick! I feel great," you say, but you are wrong. Your intestines are filled with disgusting critters that need to be flushed. You will only discover how sick you really are after you've been eating right for a few weeks and start to feel healthy again.

Not only are your intestines ill, but your liver is so clogged with toxins it's too bogged down to keep your metabolism running at its best. Make sure you clean up these vital organs by doing a full body cleanse before starting one of the healthier weight loss diet plans.

• Throw out all hydrogenated oils. You will learn to love olive oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, and a host of other wonderful oils.

• Buy only grass fed or organic meats.

• Eat ONLY fish that have been caught wild.

• Familiarize yourself with the healthy foods (there are too many to list here) The best weight loss diet plans will tell you to start buying organic. It will be well worth the learning curve. If you absolutely must shop at your regular supermarket, only buy products from the perimeter of the store. Most of the toxic foods are sold in the center aisles. I can guarantee that if you change your eating habits in the above mentioned ways, your liver will love you, your metabolism will be up to speed, the weight will fall off for good and you will be feeling better than you have in years.

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