Learn To Celebrate Your Weight Loss Successes

One fatal mistake that a lot of serial dieters make, is that they focus a lot more on their failures than their successes on when trying to lose weight. There is no other habit more likely to cost you your weight loss dreams and ambitions. If you want to achieve permanent weight loss, then start to adopt a more positive approach to losing weight.

Recognise That Nobody Is Perfect

We all make mistakes in life, it is one of the most effective ways we learn and grow, and losing weight is no different. There will be times when we fall of the wagon and give in to our cravings, we are human after all. But If we choose to focus on those failures, they will eat us up inside and drive us crazy. Recognise that is OK to fail, as long as it doesn't divert us from our long term weight loss goals. Instead of allowing all your emotional energy to drain away as you worry about the mistakes you have made, how about adopting a more positive approach and focusing on your weight loss achievements. Stop thinking about what you haven't done recently and start thinking about all the positive things you have achieved, it's time to start celebrating your weight loss successes.

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Get Comfortable With Success

We like to dwell on our failures, as we think it will help us improve, but it normally has the opposite effect. Instead of dwelling on your weight loss failures, start recognising all the things you are doing well. Have you cut down your portion sizes, are you eating more vegetables and taking regular exercise? Recognising all your little successes will give you the motivation and self-belief to keep going until you achieve your diet goals and it will make you feel great. Realise that it is OK to dwell on your success and even celebrate it.

Identify Your Successes

If you want to adopt a more positive approach to weight loss, then you need to start recognising the success you have achieved. Here are some questions that may help you identify some of those successes:

How many times have you worked out this week? How much fruit did you eat today? How many times did you eat a healthy meal this week? How many times did you take the stairs today rather than the lift or an escalator? How many minutes did you walk for today? Have you resisted a fatty treat today? How many sensible portions did you eat today?

Hopefully you are now starting to realise how far you have come and just how much you are doing right. Celebrate this success and be proud of it, use it as motivation to build momentum and go and achieve those goals.


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