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Perfect: body, skin, smile and life. It can be hard and sometimes depressing when you look at the magazines with celebrities and see that they look better than you do. They are so slim and look healthy, what an amazing smile, and their skin - amazing. Readers then remember these perfect images when they look into the mirror in the morning, and most look into the mirror and see not what they want to see. Belly, love handles, big face and they wish they were slim.

If you think that you have a weight problem then you have made the very first step in acknowledging it, and now you should be thinking on how to lose that excess weight. The next step is to think how you want to lose the weight that is making you unhappy. There are many resources available on the internet that tells you how to lose weight, or what is the best way to lose weight. Like with all information, some of it can be good for you and some not. There are four ways of losing weight.

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One way is to have an operation, such as gastric band which make you eat less. This is good for those who eat a lot and the easiest way, but it costs lots of money and you will be in pain after the surgery. Also you need to be approved for this procedure by your doctor.

Second way is to exercise. No other way than to burn the fats that you have on your body, which will make you lose weight. This is the best way of losing weight, since the hard work that you put in will be visible in terms of slimmer stronger body.

Third way is to eat less food. Easily said than done, it can be difficult for some people to stick to this method, especially if you love food.

The fourth way is to use slimming tablets and supplements for weight loss. Popular with some people it helps to lose weight and keep the weight at a level. This way is quite a good option when mixed with the second option of exercise which will result in a third way which is eating less food.

Weight loss tablets + Exercise = Less Food and Weight Loss

That's how you kill three birds with one stone. Let me explain why weight loss supplements are a good idea for a weight loss and healthier you.

By taking weight loss pills which can range from herbal to non herbal tablets, or drinking green tea slimming beverages, you will in the first instance feel like you cannot eat larger meals, you will feel fuller for longer, skip snacking and in some cases depending on the tablets, burn calories. I once read that 32% of people have trouble losing weight because they eat too many sweets. This will cut your cravings for snacking on sweet foods which often become the sole reason on the gained weight.

If you marry slimming pills with exercise you will burn fat. Don't panic! Exercise can be fun or can be hard. If you want to exercise to lose weight then try doing something fun. My favourite way of exercising is walking. Go on walking trips, they don't have to be long but at least 30 minutes long. Replace car or public transport with your feet if the destination is not far. Instead of popping yourself in the car or public transport for 5 minutes you will not only save money on the fuel but you will burn fat, get stronger and be healthier. The more you walk the better. If you don't like walking try dancing, cleaning, or any other activity which will make you move. In a poll 26% of people said that exercising stopped them losing weight. Don't let it stop you.

When you decide to go for the option of slimming pills or slimming supplements then often by week two you will notice that you can't eat a lot of food and if you are moving around you will notice your weight decrease, and with time you will achieve your ideal weight and body figure.

I would not recommend going on specific diets because often they do not work and your weight may yo-yo which is not healthy. What I would recommend is that you try to cut sweet things, and fatty foods. Try to limit your fast food cravings for reward when you lose some weight. Drink a lot of water and no fizzy drinks and if you replace pasta with whole grain pasta and whole grain bread then the energy from these foods will be released slowly so that you feel fuller for longer. And one more tip is that it is not good to skip breakfast because you will eat more for lunch and dinner which is not good.

The only way to lose weight the non surgical way is to actually make a commitment, be strong, keep to your promise of losing weight and no matter what you do you have to believe in yourself! Believe you can do it! I know you can, so do you. Believing is seeing and it works. And if you hit a wall, when you feel like you want to eat the whole fridge then turn away, eat an apple, drink water or go out of the house. Keeping busy will keep your mind of other things.

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