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With the huge diet obsessed world that we live in, it may seem ridiculous to hear anyone talk about weight loss without diets. Isn't dieting the only way to lose weight successfully? Absolutely not, in fact statistics show that somewhere between 90-98 per cent of all diets fail!

So how do you lose weight without a diet, especially if you have been struggling with weight loss for many years and are uncertain about what to eat or what to do to get in shape and slim down.

First of all you have to realize that diets are in fact the cause of weight gain in many cases. They set up a vicious starve then binge cycle that ultimately leads to more weight gain and frustration.

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No Diet Weight Loss Tip

Tip Number 1 is to eliminate diets altogether. Focus instead on other things in life and get rid of anything to do with dieting, disordered eating behavior, pills and other unhealthy behavior.

Weight loss without diets is possible because it removes the obsession from your mind. As soon as you give up the diet mentality, your mind is free and you do not spend all day thinking about food, your weight, the next meal and exercise.

Removing the Obsession With Diets

Once the obsession is removed, losing weight without a diet becomes much simpler. Your body slowly begins to recognize its own hunger and satiety instead of relying constantly on externally imposed eating plans and other peoples rules and restrictions.

Weight loss without diets becomes natural, with reduced obsession and you generally feel more confident, empowered and happy. Once you have the constant obsession around food and weight removed, you are able to focus on the things that really matter to you - like your family, career, friends and work.

The very act of dieting is what causes people to suffer so much frustration and eventually leads to binge eating, overeating and possibly other eating disorders. Whenever our bodies are thrown into starvation mode, they WILL rebel, and there will be an equal and opposite binge to every diet attempt.

Losing weight without a diet requires focusing on becoming an intuitive eater, learning what food you actually like and incorporating that each day. It may take some time to achieve this, especially if you have been dieting for a long time and saw it as the only solution. But the change is possible and the freedom that you will experience from having the obsession removed is incredible.

Why Diets Will Never Work

Diets are a temporary band aid solution with an extremely high failure rate. They disconnect the person from their body and the result is usually even more weight gain than before, due to the body feeling so deprived.

The interruption of the body's internal hunger and satiety cues can lead to long term problems with weight gain, mental issues and possibly the development of severe eating disorders that are life threatening. Do not allow this to happen to you - let go of the old ideas about dieting and weight loss ab=nd try something that works for a long term solution.

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