Tips To Break A Weight Loss Plateau

We all know the sinking feeling when it feels like weight loss grinds to a halt, when weight loss manages to make us feel like the real loser. It is definitely no fun feeling as though we are doing everything right, while getting nowhere fast. That is the reality of the weight loss plateau.

The difference between failure and success is the successful people know the art of not quitting. The trick is knowing how to keep on going to get over the hump.

Tips to break a weight loss plateau

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1) Find proof

Proof removes doubt. One of the keys to weight loss, especially In the early stages, is motivation. By finding proof of what is working you can reignite your motivation. So you have stalled, but what has worked so far? What have you learned and how can you build upon that?

You can use things such as "signal clothes", the mirror and the tape measure to gauge progress. After all these things are way more important than a number on a scale anyway. Like most of us you are likely after weight loss to improve the look and shape of your body - these are the best indicator. If they are moving in the right direction, however slowly, you are on the right track. If you are losing weight, the speed is just a matter of degrees, and its simple to tweak to go faster.

2) Know that the further you go, the slower progress often appears to be

Losing the last 5 pounds is always going to be less dramatic than losing the first 50 pounds! It may feel slower because you are not getting that same feedback of seeing a new you every time you look in the mirror. So you have to know its working. If you're going in the right direction, all you have to do, is keep on walking.

3) Remember the golden rule

Energy balance rules. If you are eating right for your goals and have an energy deficit, you are losing weight, it is working. It may just be a case of sensitizing yourself to the new nature of the signals you get now compared to those when you started your weight loss journey.

For example when a fitness model talks of getting in shape they are probably talking about losing a few percentage digits of body fat. The average man on the street wouldn't think they had any weight to lose, and probably wouldn't notice the difference when they did! At the top level the margins are tiny and its hard to tell the difference; that's what weight loss can be like so you need to get better at seeing the new signals

4) Use the right plan

The right plan is one you can stick with for the long haul. Its not a diet its simply the way you eat. One big reason for a weight loss plateau is that the plan we are on is based on deprivation. As we can't maintain it long term, we start to step off the "straight and narrow" and forbidden foods and habits creep in. From here its easy to see why weight loss would stop, and guilt would start. The classic lose-lose of modern day diets.

Use a nutrition plan that isn't a diet. Its about a re-education, training yourself to be the leaner choice that you choose.

5) Don't give up

Don't use words like "stubborn fat". Its not stubborn, it well get in line and follow the rules of weight loss just as ever. Preferably these will be your rules, as you follow a nutrition plan that suits you.

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