Quick Weight Loss Plans - Do Quick Weight Loss Plans Work?

We've heard all of those quick weight loss plans.

Some of them include dieting like Atkins diet or South Beach Diet. I even heard something like Cabbage Soup Diet. Others tap on medical advancement like taking pills (Xenical comes to mind) or liposuction.

There are literally HUNDREDS of quick weight loss programs out there that it would take a whole article just to list them.

The catch is not one of these plans is applicable to ALL types of individuals.

Some quick weight loss programs require an iron man and an iron will just to implement. Some take forever to see results, while others may reduce your weight fast but they suck the cash out of your bank account FASTER!

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And with obesity so spread out, taking one victim after another, you can't afford to spend your life in trial and error to find the quick weight loss program that fits you or to even work 'til you drop (for years!) to have enough dollars for an operation.

So what's an Average Joe or Jane to do to lose weight?

Then go for an average weight loss program!

No, don't get me wrong. By average I mean neither fast nor slow but consistently showing results and sustainable weight loss program.

We don't need to research more on proper dieting using TONS of books and scientific literature. Nothing beats the basics: eating the right food and being active as much as you can.

The essential point here is, whether you're going for quick weight loss diets, pills, or others, you have to be MOTIVATED to lose weight. And even if you hare motivated at the start of any program, keeping that flame burning is even harder.

One way is to be realistic with your aim. If you're expecting to lose 20 pounds in one day, I'd strongly suggest that you sit down and think if you're being realistic. Also don't just jump in and make major changes.

Chances are, you won't be able to adjust and would find it really difficult to lose weight. The end result is you'd quit it before even losing a pound.

Here are small steps that you can take to lose weight consistently and be motivated:

- Be engaged in physical activities. An average American walks about 5000 steps a day. Why not slowly increase that to 6000...8000...perhaps even 10000 or 15000 steps? You'd be surprised at the results.

- List down the 'regular-stayers' on your daily menu. Try to check which contain high amounts of calories. Slowly but surely, one by one take them off or even have them replaced by a healthier alternative.

- Have a fitness equipment at home and REGULARLY visit it!

- Be engaged in sports or martial arts. No, don't even think about going for chess! That may make your head bleed but that would keep you sitting for hours. Remember "eating a lot + living a sedentary lifestyle = calorie/fat build up". Not a good thing!

So until you find that quick weight loss program (if one really exists) or have enough cash for liposuction, stick with the tips above.

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