Reasons Why Weight Loss Can Be Tough

Weight loss in not just about calorie consumption, there are many factors that can contribute to our weight and the general state of our fitness. Losing weight should not be about cutting calories for a couple of weeks, it should be about making permanent healthy changes to your eating habits and lifestyle.

Lets look at some reasons why weight loss can be tough, and some ways we can overcome them: -

1. Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle can be a huge factor in your efforts to lose weight and stay fit. You have to be willing to change the way you live in order to develop a healthy lifestyle. Do you work long hours and have little time to prepare a healthy meal or are you too tired to exercise regularly? Small changes can make a huge difference to your weight loss efforts.

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Here are a couple of tips to help you improve your lifestyle: -

Get up earlier to exercise or skip an hour of television, make exercise a priority. Prepare and store healthy meals in advance. Keep plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in the house and no junk food. Start walking to work and taking the stairs at every opportunity.

2. Your Eating Habits

If you are serious about losing weight, you will obviously have to change some of the foods that you eat and maybe the amount you eat. Do you skip breakfast regularly and then snack unhealthily during the day or do you find yourself eating lots of chocolate in front of the television each evening?

Here are some ways you can improve your eating habits: -

Always eat a healthy breakfast every morning (anything containing whole grains is a good idea). Reduce portion sizes and eat slower, make sure you stop when you are full. Swap unhealthy foods like fries and sausages for foods such as baked fish and green salad. Make more meals with fresh ingredients rather than eating processed foods and takeaways.

3. Attitude To Weight Loss

Your attitude to losing weight is crucial to your weight loss success. Are you dreading your diet or viewing as some kind of punishment? Do you see healthy eating as a temporary measure until you reach your ideal weight? In order to shift the pounds permanently, you have to educate yourself and change your relationship with food forever. You also need to have realistic goals (aim for 1-2 pounds a week) otherwise you are likely to quit.

Here are some tips for a healthy attitude: -

Set realistic weight loss goals. Have a strong reason to lose weight, it will keep you motivated and focused. Use positive affirmations on a daily basis. Stay positive and focus on the benefits of losing weight. Never give up, even if you have bad days or moments of weakness.

Weight loss can be tough, but with some motivation, self-belief and a real willingness and determination to live a healthy lifestyle, you can do it.

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